Mel’s Film Blog – California Turns up the Heat


ATLANTA – Written by Mel

If you have been following the developments in film over the past decade or so, you would know that the South has been gaining momentum in the film industry due to the tax incentives to lure production to their states. Places like Georgia, Louisiana, and North Carolina have been neck-in-neck vying for the top spot for film production in the U.S.

Well recently, California – the place historically well-known for film and television – has added another dimension to this highly competitive game by improving their incentive program to lure the ‘strays’ back to their state to film. Trust me, this is an OMG moment for people like me who have been following these trends as if it’s an NBA game or a great NASCAR race. I must admit that I am floored by this news and since I am a huge Georgia film advocate, this certainly adds complexity to the growth of film here. Will this new incentive plan be enough for California to regain its hold on the industry? I don’t know but I must admit this is a really powerful play by their legislature. I’m on the edge of my seat biting my nails as if I’m watching a James Bond movie!


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