DIY Feng Shui – New Year’s Resolution – Closet De-Cluttering

ATLANTA – Written by Mel

I just did some – New Year’s cleaning and it was rough. I cleaned and cleared out something I don’t normally clean and clear out: my closet.

I don’t clean closets because what’s the point. That’s where you store everything right; so, what’s the point of cleaning that? Wrong. From now on, I will never let my closet go unattended again.
I had shoes, clothes and all kinds of stuff in there that are no longer relevant to my life and so I decided to toss them or give them away as charity. I sorted all of my clothes – shirts on one side, pants and skirts on the other, outerwear in one area and shoes neatly stacked. Now my closet is so organized, I don’t have to spend 30 minutes just trying to figure out what to wear. Nor do I have to make impulse buys because I think I don’t have something that I already have – but it’s buried somewhere in my closet. I then took inventory of what needs to be replaced and what I need that I don’t have that can complete my wardrobe for this coming year. Whew, and did I mention that all of this took 4 hours.

This all brings me to an important point about clutter. I’m a Feng Shui advocate and I should know better than to have a messy closet but that’s just one of those places in my home that I hate to tackle when cleaning. I simply clean and de-clutter the rest of the house and toss unmentionables into the closet because, whose looking in there besides me anyway? Bad judgment. According to Feng shui, closets represent your inner peace, clear thinking, and your self-esteem and if they are in disarray then usually you are too. It can also be a huge source of stagnated energy in the home.

I was wondering why I couldn’t remember stuff and why I felt like my mind was racing all the time. Now that I have cleaned out that closet, I have had the most peaceful 24 hours that I have had in a long time. So, as you are preparing your New Year’s resolutions, make sure that de-cluttering your closets are a priority. And while you are at it, if you don’t know about this concept of Feng Shui that I keep mentioning, pick up a book or two about it or read an article online about it – it will do wonders for your home and office space next year and most importantly, it could change your life.

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