DIY Feng Shui – Cures for the Career and Family Area

ATLANTA – Written by Mel

Have you ever moved from one place to another and felt that even though your new place is an upgrade or an improvement from your last, the energy is just not right in your new place?  This could mean that you need to adjust the feng shui of your new home.

If you are new to feng shui, I’m going first to explain what it is to the best of my amateur ability.  From the countless books that I have read on the topic over the years, I gather that feng shui is a form of meditation for your home.

During meditation, you would quiet your thoughts in order to clear the clutter and align yourself with the universe.  Feng shui is similar but the only difference is that you remove the clutter from your home and add cures so that you can align it with the good Juju of the universe (you can align it with bad Juju if you are not careful).

There are nine areas of influence included in feng shui and they are as follows:

  • Prosperity area
  • Fame area
  • Relationship area
  • Family and ancestors area
  • Health area
  • Creativity area
  • Knowledge area
  • Career Area
  • Travel and helpful people area

For this post, I’m going to focus on the family and ancestors area and the career area because these were a couple of areas that I have been experiencing trouble recently.

For some time now, I had been having trouble getting in clients and making ends meet.  I am a freelance writer among the many other things that I do, but I had been in a slump lately, unable to come up with ideas or generate income from my work.

Most people tend to turn to the prosperity area when looking for ways to improve the feng shui of money in their lives.  However, most feng shui resources point out that if your family and ancestor area isn’t in order, then chances are, there won’t ever be anything left for you to have prosperity, no matter how much work you put into the prosperity area.  So naturally, I turned my attention to the family and ancestor area.

I gave this area a good cleaning first of all and got rid of things that could be considered clutter in this area.  I have plenty of wood and water elements in this area, so this wasn’t a problem at all.  One thing that I found in this area that had probably been giving me grief was a lighter that I had placed on a cabinet out of site many years ago, likely because I didn’t want my kids, who were little then, to touch it.  DUH! If you know anything about feng shui – and I suggest you learn more if you don’t – this is an ultimate no no in this area. I had always wondered why I had difficulty making ends meet and this element of fire was one major reason why.  So as you are cleaning and de-cluttering, look for elements in the area that do not belong and may be undermining your efforts.

This area is where my kitchen stove is so I can’t eliminate all elements of fire.  Instead, I stifled the fire element by buying stove covers for the burners.   Another thing that seemed to be creating chaos though in this area is my trashcan.  This is a must-have item for any kitchen, but I felt that it was adding to my financial problems.  So, I decided to get rid of my large trashcan and opt for one that was smaller that could be hidden inside of my cabinet when not in use.

After de-cluttering, cleaning and eliminating things that seemed to be interfering with good feng shui principles in this area, I decided to add a cure that feng shui experts call an auspicious cure.  These type of cures may not have a logical reasoning behind it, but placement does have beneficial energy.  So I placed a million-dollar bill on the counter.  No, I’m not a millionaire, but the energy of my home is improving.

Feng Shui cures for Family Area

After fixing the family and ancestor area, I turned my attention to the career area in hopes that I could get some good energy flowing there.  I did the same.  I cleaned up and de-cluttered.  I also removed things that were problems such as earth-toned items.  Then, I resorted to auspicious cures yet again.  I placed a large mirror in front of my desk since unfortunately, it is built into and facing a wall, and I also purchased a cute little water feature.

Feng Shui cures for the Family Area

You can believe what you want of course, but I have to say, within a few months of fixing these energy vampires in my home, things started to improve on the career and financial front.  I started attracting clients for my writing business, and certain debts began to be paid down or off.  I still have some time to wait to see if more changes will occur but it feels so good to be minimizing the aggravation caused by career and money issues.

What about you?  Do you have any tried-and-true methods of feng shui that you used to improve the energy of your home that aren’t necessarily found in a feng shui book?  Share your experiences below in the comment section and don’t forget to follow me on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram @movemetoATL.

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