Home Improvement Using My Affiliate Marketing Partners’ Products

As you may know by now, my website is a resource site designed to help you with your move to Atlanta. My blog on the other hand is a way to help you to adjust once you get here. I discuss topics such as monthly meal prep, Feng Shui, home improvement, and ways to do things easier with my ‘house hacks.’ I also share home improvement products that my affiliate partners sell that may help you adjust to your new home.

In order to help you to start to enjoying your experience living in Atlanta, it’s a good idea to make your house into a home. I have some great affiliate partners who can help you do just that.


Do you need furniture for you new home? You can explore a vast array of furniture for your living room, bedroom, or bathroom. You can even find other home decor, pet accessories, and outdoor furniture. To help you access top-notch, gorgeous furniture pieces for your home, I’ve decided to partner with Frontgate. They provide stylish furniture pieces that really help you get acclimated to your space.

Shop For Furniture At Frontgate

Home Improvement

If you moved here on your own, you may not have the help that you need to help you put things together or to do tasks around the home that you would like to have done like cutting grass. Even if you can do the tasks yourself, you may not have the time because you are trying to get adjusted to the new town, your job, and other new things in your life. I have teamed up with TaskRabbit to help you get the help that you need for small tasks around the home that you simply aren’t able to do. They provide convenient services such as home repairs, assembling furniture, heavy lifting, and yard work.

Get Help With Home Tasks with TaskRabbit


If you just relocated to Atlanta, chances are you don’t have much time on your hand to do menial tasks. Cleaning may be the lowest priority on your things to do list but you need it done. Why not let someone or something else do it for you. I have partnered with Neatsvor who provides robot vacuums designed to clean up for you.

Buy A Robot Vacuum From Neatsvor

If you want to take a look at my entire lineup of affiliate partners, you can click the affiliate categories link for more details.

Disclaimer: I use and recommend the affiliate products that I promote on my blog. Therefore, I must disclose that I do have a monetary arrangement with these affiliates and I make money from promoting affiliate products.

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