Intellibed – Sleep Done the Intelligent Way

Beds have come a long way since their early predecessor of straw and animal skins. No longer are we spending half the night slapping bugs off of us, tossing and turning trying to get a good night’s sleep like our cave-dwelling ancestors. Beds are just as intelligent as our smartphones, smart TVs, and other smart accessories. As a matter of fact, Intellibed has a bed that allows you to feel the experience that you see on the TV screen. Their beds with Haptic Pulse allow your bed to pulsate with the sound of what’s displayed on the television. Imagine the jolt you’ll get watching scary movies!

Aside from your bed being a floatation device for interactive imagination, it also doubles as the ultimate relaxation hub with Intellibed’s Sleep Genius™ Sonic Massage. This technology allows you to relax in bed while experiencing a rhythmic, but surprisingly quiet sonic massage. With this much stimulation in your bed, you may not ever get out of it!

Intellibed is a state-of-the-art bed company that is building beds of the future. Don’t keep doing sleeping the boring way. Do it the intelligent way with Intellibed. Click the button below to learn more about comfortable, soothing beds from Intellibed.

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Mel Childs is the author of this article and the owner of Move Me To Atlanta. She also owns her own writing company in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia. Additionally, she has written freelance for various publications, including Bob Vila, This Old House, Lawnstarter, WikiLawn, Homelight, Fixr, LeadsForward, Upscale Magazine, Black EOE Journal, Ancient Origins, and many more.


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