Safeguard Yourself From Unexpected Repair Costs With ARW Home Warranties

You may have just relocated to Atlanta and while you may have purchased home insurance because it’s require, you probably bypassed the home warranty. If it wasn’t included as part of your new home, you probably decided to save money by not getting it. However, getting a home warranty is critical, especially in your first couple of years in your home. Even if most appliances and such pass inspection, they still may be on their last leg. The last thing you need after purchasing your home is to have to replace expensive stuff like HVACs, water heaters, furnaces, and other big ticket items without help.

Home warranties may seem a bit pricey and the cost of a service call can be a bit high but when you own a home, anything can go wrong at any time. Some things are covered by home insurance. However, wear and tear on appliances is not covered by insurance. This is why home warranties can be quite useful.

The average cost range to replace an HVAC system could run between $5,000 to $10,000. If you need a new water heater replacement, you’re looking at a cost range of $550 to $10,000 or more. Having a home warranty will help cut down these repair or replacement prices drastically.

Are you ready to cover your home’s plumbing, HVAC, or appliances in case of an emergency? Keep in mind that if you already have a home warranty, you can switch over to ARW. Click the image below to get started with purchasing a home warranty from ARW. 

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Marketing image courtesy of ARW.

Image of HVAC company courtesy of 100618178 © Calvin L. Leake |

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