Why You Should Consider These Useful Gadgets For Your Atlanta Home

Have you recently relocated to metro Atlanta? I’m sure you are still taking time to get adjusted. You are learning your way around town and figuring out how things are done here. Additionally, you are getting accustomed to your new routine. And your spouse and your children are also getting accustomed to their obligations. This can be a stressful time for everyone. So, the last thing you want to do is add more stress at home. Therefore, I took some time to point out some products from my affiliate partners that will make your home life more manageable. Check them out.

If You Don’t Feel Like Cleaning Floors, Let AI Do It For You

Like most Atlantans, you probably have to commute long distances back and forth to work. The traffic in the ATL is stressful enough. The last thing you need is to come home and clean. And many of these homes in the ATL are ginormous. So mopping and vacuuming floors could take you several hours. Who has time for that? Instead of allowing your floors to remain dirty or wasting precious time cleaning them yourself, consider getting a robot vac from EcoVacs. These lovely cleaning products can vacuum your carpets and mop your floors. And if you want to schedule this activity while you are away, these robots can clean and put themselves back on the dock before you return home. So, if you are expecting guests, you don’t have to worry about rushing to clean the floors before they get there. Simply let your AI vacuum do it.

Click the image below to go to EcoVacs’ website. Using the image below allows me to get credit for referring you.

Make Your Home Smarter With These Gadgets

Keeping floors clean with an AI robot isn’t the only way to relieve your stress. If you are new to the area, you may have concerns about the security of your home. Even if you live in an upscale neighborhood, you can still become a victim of theft. Since you don’t want to deal with stress from worrying about the safety of your property. And to keep a watchful eye on your children and teens, who may get home before you do, it’s a good idea to have some safety tools. My affiliate partner, Rexing, sells some great tools to make your home “smarter,” including video doorbells and home security cameras. They also sell baby monitors with recording capabilities if you have small children. Feel more secure in your new home with products by Rexing.

Click the image below to go to Rexing’s website. Using the image below allows me to get credit for referring you.

Image of a beautiful home courtesy of Photo 4855774 © Lastdays1 | Dreamstime.com.

Mel Childs is the author of this article and the owner of Move Me To Atlanta. She also owns her own writing company in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia. Additionally, she has written freelance for various publications, including Bob Vila, This Old House, Lawnstarter, WikiLawn, Homelight, Fixr, LeadsForward, Upscale Magazine, Black EOE Journal, Ancient Origins, and many more.


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