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Mel Around the ATL – Pickett Mill Battlefield

ATLANTA – Written by Mel

A few weeks ago, I was skimming through the Georgia National Park guide looking for somewhere to go.  As you may already know from living here or from reading one of my previous posts, if you have a valid library card, you can visit most of these parks for no charge (there are limitations).  You just go and pick up your pass from your local library and you’re off to explore some of Georgia’s most exciting parks.  I decided to go to Pickett Mill Battlefield primarily because I live near this park and also because I recently found out that my great, great, great, grandfather was a soldier in the Civil War.  Growing up, learning about the Civil War wasn’t on my list of priorities; but, when I discovered this tidbit from my family’s past, it ignited a newfound passion in me to explore the topic.

The battlefield is located in a remote part of a town called Dallas, Georgia.  When I drove up to the place, I was a bit confused because I expected the museum to be right there at the entrance; however, it was not.  I had to drive down a little further to actually get to the museum and let me tell you, driving down that road was a bit scary.  It’s not that anything happened or was going to happen, but driving down such a narrow stretch of road with nothing but woods on each side seemed so scary.  Good thing I was driving down this road during the day because driving it at night would have been even scarier.

Despite how remote the place is, once I reached the museum, it was quite quaint and pleasant.  I started the day off with a picnic because I didn’t know what to expect in terms of walking the grounds.  I didn’t want to be hungry or better yet, “hangry” during the tour.  They have some picnic tables out front.  Even though they didn’t seem like they were used much – and this could have been because of the time of year I went – the area was nice, clean and perfect to use for eating lunch.  After lunch, I walked into the museum and was greeted by the very gregarious gentleman at the welcome center.  He briefly explained some aspects of the site and then allowed me to watch a short film that really gave me a general idea about the Civil War and the importance of the battle of Pickett Mill.

After watching the film, I proceeded to the display within the museum.  It’s not a huge display but I enjoyed the pieces that they had showing.  Key things were a cannon, guns, and soldiers uniforms.  Once I viewed the display, I had the option of purchasing memorabilia from the gift store such as books and t-shirts but I was a bit adventurous and decided to save this for last.  I wanted to explore the battlegrounds, especially to see the cabin that the gentlemen mentioned in the welcome center.

On my journey, I saw a variety of museum workers out in the battlefield dressed in Civil War attire.  I came across two ladies who were burning a fire  that they built from chopped wood.  They talked about what life would have been like during those times.  On my stroll, I also saw old artifacts such as more cannons, makeshift firepits, and an ax, designed to give the viewers a feel for what those times were like.

The crowning jewel of the trip was the log cabin that still looks like it is in great condition.  It was hard to envision a large family living in the one room cabin but it was certainly a humbling experience and it made me appreciate the modern conveniences that we have.

After completing my tour, I headed back to the gift store.  In honor of my grandfather’s legacy, I decided to purchase two uniform hats – one representing the Union Army and one representing the Confederacy.  Now I own a little piece of history.


See you on my next outing!



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Photos by Mel.


Mel Around the ATL – Barber Bistro

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ATLANTA – Written by Mel

Hey, it’s me, Mel!  Yall should know by now how I roll.  I love exploring what’s going on around Atlanta because there always seems to be something new popping up around town that I want to know about or try.

One such place that is new in metro Atlanta is a place called Barber Bistro in Marietta, Georgia.  I visited a few weeks ago with a friend and we got a chance to get in before the crowd started coming in so I had a chance to get some awesome photos of the place.  The ambiance is very nice and I simply love the concept.  Next door to the restaurant is a barber shop and the restaurant is a bistro, hence, the title Barber Bistro.  I heard a rumor that they are expanding to include a spa for the ladies but I’m not certain when this will occur.

I will say that what they are working with right now is cool.  The place is aestetically pleasing and the food was delicious.  I love caribbean food so I opted for the curry and coconut chicken platter seen in the photos above.  They didn’t let me down.  This platter was quite delectable and my friend enjoyed her chicken wing platter also displayed above.

If you are looking for a cool place to chill or pick up a bite to eat for the evening after geting a haircut,  this place just might be a place to add to your bucket list.

See you on my next outing!

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Photos courtesy of Mel.


Mel Around the ATL – Movie Night in the Park

ATLANTA – Written by Mel

Hey, its Mel! You all should know by now that I get around – around town that is.  There are a lot of things to do in metro Atlanta if you set your mind to it.  Open your mind and expand your horizons and you will find the fun and excitement that you secretly crave.  If you are new to Georgia, or just plain bored, follow me on this blog and on social media and I will help you find ways to enjoy yourself.

Anyway, one nifty little place that I visited this weekend was Movie Night in the park in Woodstock, Georgia.  This is sponsored by Georgia Movies in the Park and they have been doing free movies on the green for quite a few years now.  The movie they were playing for the evening was Beauty and the Beast.  I admit that I wasn’t there for the movie.  I was enticed by the thought of relaxing in the park and enjoying the fresh air for a change.

In order to make this an enjoyable experience, you have to come equipped with some of your own accessories.  Here are a few of the tools that I brought:

I got this chair for about $6 bucks.

They had fresh popcorn but I can’t live without Doritos.  Bring your favorite snack if you like.

And just in case the weather was too hot, I came equipped with my Fiji water.  You can bring whatever you need to make your own fun and get comfortable.

Downtown Woodstock is a neat little place.  I saw a lot of old-fashioned buildings and even saw the little trolly rolling through the neighborhood.  I’m a historian so little towns like this just thrill me.

The crowd was pleasant and everyone seemed to be having a great time enjoying the beautiful breeze and clear skies.  Toddlers were enjoying walking up to strangers and waving.  Kids were having a joyous time tumbling down the hill. Young adults were enjoying the romance in the air.  All the rest of us were just enjoying the ambiance of the evening, munching on snacks that we brought or those that were offered by the vendor.

Then, nightfall approached and the movie started playing.  This was an extraordinary site to see.


I really enjoyed myself and I think you will too if you get the chance to participate in this family-friendly event.


See you on my next outing!

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Photos courtesy of Mel.

Mel Around the ATL – Andretti’s Indoor Karting and Games Marietta

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ATLANTA – Written by Mel

Hey it’s Mel again.  I’ve been out on my usual urban explorations of metro Atlanta and I discovered a place in my own backyard that I didn’t realize was near me.  If you are visiting Atlanta or have become a permanent resident, this is a fabulously fun place for the whole family.

The building is tucked off on Roswell road on the stretch of road near the Big Chicken.  I pass by here quite frequently but I wasn’t aware that there was an Andretti’s in my neck of the woods.  I walked in and was completely amazed by the bright light and bustling activity in the place.  I went on a Saturday so you know it was full of action.  But for those that don’t like crowds, I assure you that this place wasn’t crowded at all.  It had a good volume of people and wait times seemed to be minimal.

They have bowling alley, lots of freestanding arcade games, skee ball, go karts, several simulated rides and a variety of other stimulating activities.  There are a lot of fun things to do but one of my favorite activities involved exploring the food options.  My, my, my their food is delicious and dessert – what a treat!  I had the salmon entree and the apple and ice cream dessert seen in the images above and let me tell you this was some good eating.  Hands down, that dessert tasted like something straight out of grandma’s kitchen – yum!

One of the rides that I decided to try was the race car simulation game and it was quite intense!  I really felt like I was spinning around in a real car.  Notice I said spinning and not driving because I couldn’t seem to keep control of the make-believe vehicle.

All-in-all I enjoyed myself and I’m sure you will too.  If you are looking for something to do this weekend, then this could be the place for you.   See you again on my next outing!

Jewels of Georgia – Lost Mountain Park Farmer’s Market

ATLANTA – Written by Mel

Whether you are relocating to Georgia or you have been here for most of your life, it is always fun to discover new things around this great city. When I was out and about this week driving around my neighborhood, I noticed a really neat outdoor farmer’s market, so I decided to pull over and check it out. Lost Mountain’s Farmer’s Market is a weekly farmer’s market that sets up shop every Tuesday at the park on Lost Mountain Road in Dallas, Georgia.

I didn’t know what to expect when I got out of the car, but I bought my camera with me just in case. I’m a thrill-seeker so anything new excites me especially when it is in my own backyard. This is a great little niche Farmer’s Market which has a few great Georgia owned and operated businesses set up to serve customers.

Let me start with one of the most significant finds on my outing and that was none other than fresh Georgia peaches. There is nothing on this earth more succulent than a sweet, fresh Georgia peach! The peach is what our state is known for, so I had to grab a few and let me tell you, these peaches deliver! They were soft, sweet, juicy and according to the vendor, only a few hours off of the tree. Yummy! If you ever get a chance to check out this venue, you have to buy and eat these peaches!


I didn’t go crazy with the spending although these food items here can make you spend, spend, spend because they are exciting. Instead, I opted to take photos of some of the items, and when I visit again, I will try them. I found this table to be quite intriguing. This vendor was selling honey. I thought that this was fascinating because he brought one of the shelves of his honey bees with him.

He had some delightful treats one being homegrown honey, of course. But it didn’t stop there. He also had these honey sticks. When I asked him what the honey sticks were, he said they are “like pixie sticks but with honey in them.’ Imagine that! An old school classic remixed to include honey!


A few feet over from the honey vendor was another delightful vendor that I think is well worth your time if you get a chance to visit. This vendor was selling grass fed pork and beef products. Like most of you, I’m not keen on what animals eat before they arrive at the grocery store but I will say this; I tried a sample of the grass-fed product, and the freshness of the meat was unbelievable! Tender, juicy, tasty, savory — all of the above and more. What animals are fed during the raising process obviously makes a difference in taste!


Moving on – I witnessed a few other places that I will try when I return. One was the Lemonade stand, and the other was this nifty little restaurant that served griddle cakes. Unfortunately, I had just eaten lunch, so I didn’t want to overdo it with eating. Word to the wise: visit this place on an empty stomach, and it will be much more worthwhile!



One last place that I had to visit on the way out was a nice little vendor that sold cheesecake, pumpkin rolls, and peanut brittle. As full as I was from lunch, I couldn’t pass this by. I didn’t want to give in but I am a sweets bandit, and I just couldn’t resist the sample that she was offering.

I have to warn you that once you try the sample, you will be left yearning for more! When I tell you that eating these sweet treats was like tasting a bit of heaven, I’m not exaggerating! I can’t even describe to you how marvelous the cheesecake tasted and that pumpkin roll — there are no words in the English language that can describe how delicious it is!


Overall, I was very impressed with this little hometown, homegrown farmer’s market and the items that were there packed a huge punch. I definitely want to visit again and you should too. Just don’t make the mistake I made and go there full because trust me you will want to delight in the tasty treats that they have waiting for you – every Tuesday from 3-7 pm!  See you on my next outing!

Photos by Mel