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Jewels of Georgia – Lost Mountain Park Farmer’s Market

ATLANTA – Written by Mel

Whether you are relocating to Georgia or you have been here for most of your life, it is always fun to discover new things around this great city. When I was out and about this week driving around my neighborhood, I noticed a really neat outdoor farmer’s market, so I decided to pull over and check it out. Lost Mountain’s Farmer’s Market is a weekly farmer’s market that sets up shop every Tuesday at the park on Lost Mountain Road in Dallas, Georgia.

I didn’t know what to expect when I got out of the car, but I bought my camera with me just in case. I’m a thrill-seeker so anything new excites me especially when it is in my own backyard. This is a great little niche Farmer’s Market which has a few great Georgia owned and operated businesses set up to serve customers.

Let me start with one of the most significant finds on my outing and that was none other than fresh Georgia peaches. There is nothing on this earth more succulent than a sweet, fresh Georgia peach! The peach is what our state is known for, so I had to grab a few and let me tell you, these peaches deliver! They were soft, sweet, juicy and according to the vendor, only a few hours off of the tree. Yummy! If you ever get a chance to check out this venue, you have to buy and eat these peaches!


I didn’t go crazy with the spending although these food items here can make you spend, spend, spend because they are exciting. Instead, I opted to take photos of some of the items, and when I visit again, I will try them. I found this table to be quite intriguing. This vendor was selling honey. I thought that this was fascinating because he brought one of the shelves of his honey bees with him.

He had some delightful treats one being homegrown honey, of course. But it didn’t stop there. He also had these honey sticks. When I asked him what the honey sticks were, he said they are “like pixie sticks but with honey in them.’ Imagine that! An old school classic remixed to include honey!


A few feet over from the honey vendor was another delightful vendor that I think is well worth your time if you get a chance to visit. This vendor was selling grass fed pork and beef products. Like most of you, I’m not keen on what animals eat before they arrive at the grocery store but I will say this; I tried a sample of the grass-fed product, and the freshness of the meat was unbelievable! Tender, juicy, tasty, savory — all of the above and more. What animals are fed during the raising process obviously makes a difference in taste!


Moving on – I witnessed a few other places that I will try when I return. One was the Lemonade stand, and the other was this nifty little restaurant that served griddle cakes. Unfortunately, I had just eaten lunch, so I didn’t want to overdo it with eating. Word to the wise: visit this place on an empty stomach, and it will be much more worthwhile!



One last place that I had to visit on the way out was a nice little vendor that sold cheesecake, pumpkin rolls, and peanut brittle. As full as I was from lunch, I couldn’t pass this by. I didn’t want to give in but I am a sweets bandit, and I just couldn’t resist the sample that she was offering.

I have to warn you that once you try the sample, you will be left yearning for more! When I tell you that eating these sweet treats was like tasting a bit of heaven, I’m not exaggerating! I can’t even describe to you how marvelous the cheesecake tasted and that pumpkin roll — there are no words in the English language that can describe how delicious it is!


Overall, I was very impressed with this little hometown, homegrown farmer’s market and the items that were there packed a huge punch. I definitely want to visit again and you should too. Just don’t make the mistake I made and go there full because trust me you will want to delight in the tasty treats that they have waiting for you – every Tuesday from 3-7 pm!

*Jewels of Georgia is a Move Me To ATL blog segment that features great finds throughout Georgia that very few people know about.


Photos by Mel

Exploring Movie Town Georgia


ATLANTA – Written by Mel

As you know, this segment of my blogs is called “Mel the Urban Explorer.” I usually go on escapades throughout the city of Atlanta to find some exciting things to do in urban areas of Metro Atlanta. However, you also know that I am a film gal so for this blog I sort of combined my film blog with this one and decided to go outside of urban territory. I can even say that this blog even incorporates my “Country and Eastern” blog because I went to visit three rural towns of Georgia. Trust me, I felt like Dorothy from the “Wizard of Oz” today. Instead of being miles away from Kansas, I was miles away from Atlanta in Senoia, Peachtree City, and Fayetteville, Georgia – lands of wonder and surprise and the future of Hollywood in Georgia.

As you may know already, Georgia is growing in terms of film and this growth is not to be taken lightly. A few years ago when I started learning more about Georgia’s film industry, we were at number 4 on the list of those states outside of California that are growing in film. Recent research showed us at number 2 only second to Louisiana. Everyone who is involved in film in this neck of the woods is very excited, including me. I will be even more excited when we become the premier destination outside of California for film and entertainment. But until then, I will show you a section of Georgia that has a high concentration of film activity and will inevitably have even more in the near future.
We will start in Senoia, Georgia, which is where the first photo above comes from. This is a restaurant that is often featured in the television Zombie tale “Walking Dead.” Here is a full shot of the restaurant.


Rolling around Senoia, you will see a proud display of this town’s heritage. Everywhere you turn, there is signage to let you know you are there.


This town seems to be proud of his history and its new film presence and reasonably so. It is a beautiful small town. Check out a few things I saw in the historic area.  Here is the town’s historical marker.


Here is a photo of the historic area.


As you can see this town supports its television presence by playing into the zombie theme.


Aside from the downtown historic district, I saw a lot of other neat things as I rode around town. This was a bonus find. I kept getting lost trying to find my way to Raleigh Studios Atlanta and turning down one street, I came across the Coweta County Fire Station.


Again while I was getting lost hither and thither, I came across this magnificent find. This is a beautiful lake where local Senoia residents can go fishing.

And of course, I finally found it – Raleigh Studios Atlanta. This is a beautiful place but I could only take a photo of the sign. Production studios are heavily protected and guarded places and you must respect their privacy; but they do give the luxury of photographing their signage. Anything beyond the signage and you may be facing some legal issues – so keep that in mind when you visit.

Well I eased on down the road literally to the next exciting town of Fayetteville, Georgia.

I mainly concentrated on the downtown historical area as you will see that I usually do in most blogs.  Here is the historical marker for Fayetteville. It is while standing at this marker that I had an epiphany moment but not in a divine way.  What I mean is  I started thinking that this particular town may eventually become a hub of a lot of film activity in Georgia. Something about it feels like Hollywood of the south.


I love their buildings that remind me of towns in Western movies.


If you follow me on most of my outings, then I know this photo probably has you thinking, “Here she goes disturbing my equilibrium again with those photos taken at weird angles.” Well how else would I have been able to show you this neat little clock tower building that houses the Fayetteville Welcome Center?


This log cabin styled building caught my eye too. Isn’t it neat?


Finally here is another studio that’s all the talk of the town in the film community.

Pinewood Studios

Again I can’t emphasize it enough – respect the production studios’ wishes by limiting your cameras to where they say you can photograph which is most likely only the sign. I don’t have any qualms about taking a photo of the signage because as a screenwriter, I’m just glad they are here!!!!

Last but not least on my outing is Peachtree City. This was a bonus for me because as I was strolling around looking lost and out of place, I stumbled across a gold mine – well at least a gold mine for me.


And here is that goldmine I was talking about. It’s a gold mine for me because I am a networker, particularly when it comes to my passion of film and as I was meandering, a nice lady by the name of Sue invited me in and provided me with a wealth of information about the town. She even happened to be one of the tour guides for the Southern Hollywood Film Tour – a group that takes people around the local area and shows them where films were made such as “Joyful Noise”, “Fried Green” Tomatoes, and of course “Walking Dead.” I’m working on a segment with them for my other blog – Reel Focus Blog (part of Women in Film and Television Atlanta) so stay tuned for that sometime in late Spring. Anyway, me and Sue had a remarkable conversation which made me glad that I got out of my car and started to be a little noisy. This is one of those times where sticking your nose where its not supposed to be can lead to something good.

I walked around near the visitor’s center and I noticed an amphitheater near it where some parts of “Joyful Noise” was filmed. But what I thought was cool was this bike path nearby. I saw a lot of families out with their children enjoying their Saturday morning racing on this cool bike race track.


I saw this other lake in Peachtree City which I think is quite romantic. They have a dock nearby and an area where you can get closer to the water. Staring at this reminds me of the backdrop for that movie “Creepshow 2” with that oil blog eating humans back in the 1980s. Perhaps this place could be the backdrop for something romantic or creepy.

Peachtree City is sort of far away from the activity of Atlanta so it has its own little airport. I didn’t see any large commercial planes landing here though, however. I think it’s more for those who have their own small planes; or, perhaps it could be a springboard airport connecting other small town airports in Georgia.

Anyone in Georgia knows that when bad weather strikes, we can rely on our friends in Peachtree City to keep us up to date with developments. Here is the national weather center that we often here about either on television or on radio.


Well that concludes my exciting journey through not so urban areas near Atlanta. Make sure to follow me and I will keep you up-to-date on more cool things going on around Atlanta and around Georgia. For more photos that I did not include in this blog, check out my Pinterest page at

Peachtree Street – Georgia’s Own Rodeo Drive


ATLANTA – Written by Mel

A Comparison of Two Star-Studded Streets

Have you ever heard of the phrase ‘faking it till you make it?’ Well, this is why I decided to work on this particular article.   In case you didn’t know, Georgia is doing it big in film – at least we are trying to. We have ScreenGems/EUE, Tyler Perry Studios, Raleigh Studios, Paulding Studios, and now Pinewood Studios. We also have countless stars around town, tucked into some of our elegant neighborhoods unbeknownst to many of us living here – but they are here. So naturally, since one of our role models in film – California – has its grand street dedicated to glitter and glam for the stars, I decided to showcase our own street that is Georgia’s street of stars – at least that is what it will be when we stop faking it till we make it.

We don’t have any palm trees – we may have to import some of those; but, we have some very exciting things on Peachtree Street. I guess it is only right that we start with a powerhouse theater that showcases much of our film and television talent through the medium of theater: The Fox Theater. This intersection starts the road to glam. Keep in mind that as you travel with me on this journey we are starting in the heart of downtown Atlanta and moving through to Midtown on into Buckhead.

As we travel along we come across some great eateries in town. The Varsity is one of our classic local restaurants. Benehana’s is another restaurant showcasing Japanese food. Café Intermezzo is another restaurant you will see on our way down Peachtree. We also have another called Imperial Fez which has middle eastern food complete with belly dancing. As we continue up the street, you come across some of the most dazzling condominiums in town. The Oriental is a recent addition to the area. Also there is 1010 Peachtree which is a sight to behold. Going a little past this area you will see what I call the art district. Here is where Colony Square is which is surrounded by the High Musuem, the Woodruff Arts Center, and the Alliance Theater. Let’s stop here for a second because I want to bring the readers’ attention to this area as a way to get some great educational opportunities in our industry, particularly in acting. Ok, moving on to the new town that was recently created – Atlantic Station. I have got to tell you, Atlanta has outdone itself with this marvelous eye candy town which is the new and hottest craze here. They have quite a few boutiques , condominiums, and lofts concentrated in this area.

Moving on we get to a fork in the road which splits us upward toward Sandy Springs, a bustling business district; or Buckhead, a thriving upscale town. Let’s continue to Buckhead since this is the rest of Peachtree Street. Ah, this is where it all is. If you were looking for the feel of Sunset Blvd, this is the part of Peachtree that will start to make you feel at home. I want to bring your attention to Fork and Screen movie theater because since we are in this industry and we most likely will be watching movies that we create for the big screen at a theater, this one is an interesting spin on movie watching. They have popcorn, candy and soda – and pizza and burgers and even beers so you will feel right at home when you are watching film here. “Easing on down the road,” we come to the intersection of two mall cities – Lenox Square and Phipps Plaza. You can park your vehicle and get out and shop for the latest in couture and luxury fashions or you can hand the keys over to valet because yes, honey, they treat you like VIP here.

Ok, that ends our tour of Rodeo Drive – pardon me – the Rodeo Drive of Georgia, that is. I’m sure there are countless other great finds that you will see travelling down this road but this will get you started when you are looking for hot landmarks. Now all we need so that we can really feel like superstars is a sidewalk where we can put Hollywood star names on it. Ok, so who is going to be the first Atlanta star? I have a few – Tyler Perry, Usher Raymond and Whitney Houston. Let’s keep the list going – add your suggestions below. ■