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Welcome to, Move Me to Atlanta. You are probably here because you are about to move to Atlanta, Georgia or a surrounding suburb and you are dreading the relocation process.  Well, I certainly understand your frustration because I also relocated to Atlanta many years ago for college and I had nothing to guide me through this daunting process.

Most sites provide you with a very stoic, disinterested approach to the moving process. What makes my site different from most is that I provide a personal touch because I, like you, had to venture into the unknown and figure a whole lot out by trial and error.

Moving here was a major culture and climate shock for me because I moved here from a smaller, northern city.  Though I moved for college and my reason for relocating is probably far different than yours is, it is my desire to assist you with making the relocation and settling in process easier for you than it was for me so that you can focus on whatever it is that you moved here for – not the move itself.

To get started check out the following links:


There are many local resources provided to help with relocation to Atlanta; however, very few of these resources are compiled conveniently in one location.  Click this link to get a list of important resources that you can use can to help you plan your move effectively.

For Individuals and Families

Most people make the decision to come here because of a better job opportunity.  The remainder come here because they have heard great things and just want to get a fresh new start here whether they have friends or family here or not.  Click this link to access useful information for helping you and your family move here and start enjoying your new home.

For College Students

As you know by now, I came here to Atlanta, Georgia for college and I have been here ever since.  Moving for this reason can be stressful, especially for parents who are sad to see their children go away to school.  Click this link to get resources that would be beneficial for life in college in the metro Atlanta area.

For Film Professionals

Georgia’s film market is growing and many film professionals are either living and working here part-time or calling Georgia their new home.  I am passionate about this growth because it is my ultimate dream to expand my writing skills to become a screenwriter for film. Click this link to see what resources are available specifically for film professionals.

For Businesses and Entrepreneurs

Moving a business or company is difficult but with the right insight and access to information, business ventures can be less risky.  Click this link to see what resources are available for businesses and entrepreneurs.

For Internationals

Relocation is hard on anyone but especially for those moving here from another country.  Click this link to see what resources are available for international movers.

My Blog

My blogs are a great way for you to get a feel for what is going on locally in  and around Atlanta and Georgia.  Click this link to find out more.

Contact Page

Is there something specific that you would like to ask me pertaining to Atlanta?  Visit my contact page.