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Will Georgia Become Number 1 for Film?

I am a Georgia Film enthusiast as you may be able to tell from my blogs posts.  I get to see all the fun and developments taking place all the time but for those that are not in Georgia or are not familiar with the growth taking place in the industry, “Do you think that Georgia can become the number 1 place for film production in the United States by 2018?”  Share your opinion by clicking the link below.


WIFTA Workshop – Filmmaking on a Budget


Learn how to produce micro-budget films with filmmaker, Alex Orr of Fake Wood Wallpaper.  Alex has produced feature films for as low as $2,000 and has a road map for the independent filmmaker.

For more information on the event, visit http://bit.ly/1CXktW3 and follow @wiftAtlanta on Twitter.  Also, visit http://wifta.org/category/reel-focus/ for Georgia film news and entertainment.

Get a recap of the meeting here.

Atlanta Film Festival 2015

Atlanta Film Festival 2015 (2)ATLFF14_DOOBIOUS.ORG_DUSTIN_PAULK_3.29.14-5369


The Atlanta Film Festival is underway in Atlanta. Reel Focus teams up with Cameron McAllister, Marketing Director of the film festival to tell us more about it at http://wifta.org/atlanta-film-festival-2015/.  Follow Women in Film and Television Atlanta on Twitter @wiftAtlanta.

Logo courtesy of Atlanta Film Festival