Developing the Mindset of a Mover

Does the thought of moving make you want to crawl up under your bed sheets and go to sleep for days hoping that when you wake up you will be in your new place with everything already done?

Unfortunately there hasn’t been a Rip Van Winkle approach to moving developed yet. Besides, not being involved in the moving process is not a realistic approach to moving. After all, how can you really kick back and enjoy a margarita after all the work is done if you aren’t involved in the process?

Moving ranks high with things you have to do but would rather avoid like necessary dentists appointments and meetings with tax planners. On the bright side, once these things are over there will be a tremendous amount of relief, right? Well – there will be relief as long as you are not in immense pain after the dentist appointment or you don’t have to move to another planet to escape an audit from the IRS. These are worst-case scenarios but in developing the mindset of a mover, we are only going to focus on the best outcomes.

So just how do you “develop a mindset of a mover.”

First, and most important, mentally move yourself into your new place before you actually move.

I once heard a saying that everything is created twice.  Once in your head and then again in reality.  Moving is no different.  Before you actually move to a new home or relocate to a new state, go there and feel the ambiance of the place.  Don’t just be thrilled by the beauty of the home; instead, really get a feel for it.  Drive through the neighborhood and act as if you are living in the neighborhood.  Walk down the street and waive to the neighbors and breathe in the air, basking in the essence of your newfound home.  Visit the local park and talk to some of your neighbors about what they enjoy about the neighborhood so you can start to mentally enjoy those possibilities, too.

Also, mentally tune out frustration.

Everyone hates the process of moving. Why? Because it involves change and change, whether good or bad just irks us at the core. But when the transition is final, a peace comes over us, knowing that the change has been completed and the past is behind us.  That euphoria that you often feel when you change your life for the better is what you have to visualize at all times during the moving process; not the frustration that comes from the process of making the change.

Stay organized with a checklist.

Another way to develop the mindset of a mover is to feel as though you are accomplishing goals.  There is extreme mental satisfaction in knowing that you are making progress.  The best way to know that you are accomplishing your goals is to have a defined list of outcomes that you can check off such as this one.

Remain optimistic and thankful.

I know that this sounds hokey but looking forward to the best outcome and being thankful for what good is coming your way will make moving a bit easier.  Instead of thinking about how overwhelming the packing and moving process is, focus on how enjoyable it will be when you have your first entertaining event at your home.  Whether it be a housewarming, tailgate party, baby shower, or birthday party, think about how much fun that will be and this will take your mind off of how annoying moving is.  After all, the move will probably happen once and you hosting fun events in your new home will happen much more frequently than this one-time move, and be more enjoyable.

Come on, let’s use positive thoughts to assist us in our move!

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