Get an ECOVacs Vacuum Because Doing the Cleaning Yourself is So Last Century

Are you still pushing a mop or vacuum? Who does that anymore? If you do, then it’s a good time that you give yourself a break and put AI to work for you with a robot vacuum from ECOVacs.

Right Now, You Don’t Have Time To Clean

Think about it, you just moved to Atlanta, and you are still getting to know the place. You are getting acclimated to your job, and so is your significant other. Your children are also getting adjusted to school. Do you really have time to be cleaning? Maybe in a few months, once you get into a routine, you can incorporate cleaning into your schedule. But for now, you need help.

You Don’t Have To Touch That Disgusting Mop Water

If you’re not quite busy enough to hire a maid service, then the next best choice is to buy an ECOVacs robot vacuum. While you are busy helping your children with homework or simply unwinding for the evening, you can run your ECOvacs vacuum to clean up your carpet or your hardwood floors. Specific models can mop for you so that you don’t have to think about putting your hands in that icky mop water.

Program It To Clean For You So You Can Come Home to a Clean Floor

ECOVacs connects to your phone, and you can schedule it to clean for you. This is especially helpful if you want to clean your floors before you get home because guests will be meeting you at the house. Another great thing about this product is that you can control its movement. If you prefer not to have a particular room cleaned, perhaps because you don’t want to disturb a sleeping child, you can program it to avoid that room.

It Puts Itself Away

You never have to worry about it tumbling down the steps because it has sensors that detect heights. Also, if something obstructs its path, ECOVacs will simply back up and go around the obstacle. Finally, once the vacuum is done with its tasks, it will politely tuck itself back into its dock instead of remaining in the middle of the floor, becoming a trip hazard.

Are you ready to put ECOVacs to work for you? Click the button below so that my affiliate knows that I referred you and to choose your new AI buddy that will make cleaning as you settle into your Atlanta home hassle-free.

Video courtesy of ECOVacs.

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This article previously included Neatsvor. Upon speaking with their affiliate representative, I discovered that this product is not available in the U.S. I have recently teamed up with, ECOVacs, an affiliate partner that caters to U.S. customers.

Mel Childs is the author of this article and the owner of Move Me To Atlanta. She also owns her own writing company in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia. Additionally, she has written freelance for various publications, including Bob Vila, This Old House, Lawnstarter, WikiLawn, Homelight, Fixr, LeadsForward, Upscale Magazine, Black EOE Journal, Ancient Origins, and many more.


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