Keep Your Baby Nursery Free of Toxic Fumes Using ECOS Paints

You’ve put in a lot of work to make this relocation to Atlanta happen. Now that you’ve settled into your new home, you have just found out that you will be having a baby soon. Congratulations! New city. New house. New baby. Not a bad set of blessings. Now you have to get the baby nursery ready.

Did you know that if your home was built before 1978, there is a possibility that it is likely to have lead paint in it? Children’s exposure to lead can cause a host of problems, including hearing and speech problems, learning and behavior issues, and neurological problems. Lead can also cause a low birth rate and cause newborns to be born prematurely.

While most paint companies today are aware of the problems with lead, there are some that still make paint that contains lead. And there are still homes that contain lead paint. If your home has lead paint, it is a good idea to have an abatement team in metro Atlanta remove it in order to keep the dust from potentially harming you or your baby.

I’ve recently teamed up with affiliate partner ECOS paint who is a paint company that makes environmentally friendly paints that don’t contain lead. Their paints also don’t give off volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which can be toxic to breathe in, especially in nurseries.

Are you ready to start getting the nursery ready for the little one that’s on the way? Click the image below to get started with purchasing Lullaby Paints from ECOS Paints. 

Disclaimer: I use and recommend the affiliate products that I promote but I must disclose that I do have a monetary arrangement with these affiliates and I make money from promoting affiliate products.

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Lullaby Paints by ECOS - Create a healthier home for your baby

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