Make Cleaning Up After Parties and Holidays Easier With ECOVacs

“I can’t wait to clean up!” said no one in the whole history of cleaning up or celebration. When preparing for friends and family to come over for parties or the holidays, it is a great feeling. However, once it’s over, the dreaded cleaning process begins. Several huge festivities of the year are approaching and you may be the designated host for these events. This means that you are also the designated cleaner-upper for these events, too. Could you use some help?

While you are getting up big pieces of litter that friends and family have left for you to throw away, ECOVacs can be busy vacuuming and mopping your floors for you. The great thing about most of their vacs is that you can customize cleaning. Therefore, if you don’t want a particular area to be cleaned by the vac, it will not clean that area. As an added bonus, you can instruct Alexa or Google Assistant to tell the vac to start cleaning. If you are worried about the crumbs that everyone dropped all over the place from that delicious, flakey pumpkin pie that your aunt brought, ECOVacs can get it up. Their various Deebot models can clear away the smallest crumbs and you don’t have to worry about excessive noise as it cleans. It can also put itself away once it’s finished.

Are you ready to put ECOVacs to work for you after the party is over? Click the button below so that my affiliate knows that I referred you and choose your new AI buddy that will help you clean your Atlanta home this holiday season.

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Mel Childs is the author of this article and the owner of Move Me To Atlanta. She also owns her own writing company in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia. Additionally, she has written freelance for various publications, including Bob Vila, This Old House, Lawnstarter, WikiLawn, Homelight, Fixr, LeadsForward, Upscale Magazine, Black EOE Journal, Ancient Origins, and many more.


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