Peachtree Street – Georgia’s Own Rodeo Drive

A Comparison of Two Star-Studded Streets

Have you ever heard of the phrase ‘faking it till you make it?’ Well, this is why I decided to work on this particular article.   In case you didn’t know, Georgia is doing it big in film – at least we are trying to. We have ScreenGems/EUE, Tyler Perry Studios, Raleigh Studios, Paulding Studios, and now Pinewood Studios. We also have countless stars around town, tucked into some of our elegant neighborhoods unbeknownst to many of us living here – but they are here. So naturally, since one of our role models in film – California – has its grand street dedicated to glitter and glam for the stars, I decided to showcase our own street that is Georgia’s street of stars – at least that is what it will be when we stop faking it till we make it.

We don’t have any palm trees – we may have to import some of those; but, we have some very exciting things on Peachtree Street. I guess it is only right that we start with a powerhouse theater that showcases much of our film and television talent through the medium of theater: The Fox Theater. This intersection starts the road to glam. Keep in mind that as you travel with me on this journey we are starting in the heart of downtown Atlanta and moving through to Midtown on into Buckhead.

As we travel along we come across some great eateries in town. The Varsity is one of our classic local restaurants. Benehana’s is another restaurant showcasing Japanese food. Café Intermezzo is another restaurant you will see on our way down Peachtree. We also have another called Imperial Fez which has middle eastern food complete with belly dancing. As we continue up the street, you come across some of the most dazzling condominiums in town. The Oriental is a recent addition to the area. Also there is 1010 Peachtree which is a sight to behold. Going a little past this area you will see what I call the art district. Here is where Colony Square is which is surrounded by the High Musuem, the Woodruff Arts Center, and the Alliance Theater. Let’s stop here for a second because I want to bring the readers’ attention to this area as a way to get some great educational opportunities in our industry, particularly in acting. Ok, moving on to the new town that was recently created – Atlantic Station. I have got to tell you, Atlanta has outdone itself with this marvelous eye candy town which is the new and hottest craze here. They have quite a few boutiques , condominiums, and lofts concentrated in this area.

Moving on we get to a fork in the road which splits us upward toward Sandy Springs, a bustling business district; or Buckhead, a thriving upscale town. Let’s continue to Buckhead since this is the rest of Peachtree Street. Ah, this is where it all is. If you were looking for the feel of Sunset Blvd, this is the part of Peachtree that will start to make you feel at home. I want to bring your attention to Fork and Screen movie theater because since we are in this industry and we most likely will be watching movies that we create for the big screen at a theater, this one is an interesting spin on movie watching. They have popcorn, candy and soda – and pizza and burgers and even beers so you will feel right at home when you are watching film here. “Easing on down the road,” we come to the intersection of two mall cities – Lenox Square and Phipps Plaza. You can park your vehicle and get out and shop for the latest in couture and luxury fashions or you can hand the keys over to valet because yes, honey, they treat you like VIP here.

Ok, that ends our tour of Rodeo Drive – pardon me – the Rodeo Drive of Georgia, that is. I’m sure there are countless other great finds that you will see travelling down this road but this will get you started when you are looking for hot landmarks. Now all we need so that we can really feel like superstars is a sidewalk where we can put Hollywood star names on it. Ok, so who is going to be the first Atlanta star? I have a few – Tyler Perry, Usher Raymond and Whitney Houston. Let’s keep the list going – add your suggestions below. ■


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