Mel Around the ATL – Cafe Instanbul

You all know I love finding something to do around the ATL.  I believe that sometimes you can make your own fun in your own backyard by finding little places that can make you feel like you are a million miles away from the United States while sitting right in the United States.  One such place that I discovered is a place called Cafe Instanbul in Kennesaw, Georgia.

I was invited to this quaint little place by my newfound belly dancing friend, Schadia, who is a belly dance instructor at the Nazeem Allayl belly dance studio in Little Five points.  I’m so glad that I took her up on her offer because this place is cool.  When I walked in, I got the impression that I had been transported to a club on the Mediterranean.  The lights were dim and the decorations were middle eastern.

I kicked off my evening with a Moscow mule as seen in the image above and a delicious plate of falafel – a Mediterranean dish.  I had never had falafel outside of a pita or tortilla roll but this dish had the bread to the side with all the ingredients – cucumber, lettuce, rice, – on the plate.  I have one word:  Yum-mmmmy!

I finished off my meal with an exciting mediterranean dessert – baklava and Turkish mint tea. Mmmmm — comfort food.

After dinner, I chilled a while and decided to partake of the hookah.  Everyone seemed to be doing it so I felt the need to experience it, too.  I had no idea what the heck I was doing but I pretended to be quite the expert.  My hookah smoking experience was like puff — choke — puff — puff — cough really bad — wipe away tears and — get back at it, again.  Silly me, I thought I was really doing something astounding with my hookah game.

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That’s until I saw these two experts and they put my hookah game to complete shame.  Their smoke cloud look like a blazing forest fire’s smoke compared to my wannabe puffs.

After having fun with the hookah, the belly dance show began. Schadia performed solo for the night and it was quite intriguing, especially when she balanced the sword on her head.

I had a lot of fun and I know you will, too., if you get the chance to go.  Psssst…don’t forget to try the hookah! See you on my next outing!

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