There is a lot of excitement brewing in Atlanta, Georgia and this may primarily be due to our state’s consistently high rank when it comes to business entrepreneurship and an overall great business climate.  There are many organizations stirring the winds of business change here in Georgia but the recently created ‘ChooseATL‘ has taken center stage as the organization whose purpose is to encourage people around the nation and around the world to ‘ChooseATL‘ as not only a great place to do business; but also as a great place to live.  ChooseATL is also expanding its reach to include Georgia’s monumental film industry that has grown so rapidly over the past few years that it’s challenging the natural monopoly that places like New York and California have held on the industry for decades.  The growth has been so rapid that it has created a shortage in the amount of qualified workers to fill local positions.

ChooseATL aims to fill this shortage and other local business shortages in Atlanta by advocating that businesses, entrepreneurs, and investors ChooseATL as a land of opportunity.  This week, Reel Focus interviews Kate Atwood, Vice President of ChooseATL, who tells us more about what ChooseATL is and what it’s mission is.

To view this article in its entirety, visit and don’t forget to follow Women in Film and Television Atlanta on Twitter @wiftAtlanta.

Article originally posted on Linkedin

Logo courtesy of ChooseATL


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