Atlanta’s Film Takeover

Who said that the ATL can’t bring it?

Well, we have brought it and we have even more to bring, especially as it relates to the film industry.

I was cordially invited to an event this past Thursday evening, January 14 put on by Spitfire Studios and ChooseATL both of which are committed to film, technology, and business growth in Atlanta.

This event was a networking event peppered with presentations by local leaders within the film and entertainment industry.

The reception was energized with eager listeners, all of whom were ready for the challenge of rolling up their sleeves and building a solid foundation for business, technology and film in Georgia.

As each presenter briefly presented, you could feel the magnetism in the room as all present seemed to be on the same mission to make Atlanta and the state of Georgia a powerhouse for film in the southeast region.

This vision was crystal clear and even newcomers to the event felt the passion from this desire.

Georgia and Atlantans want to win and want to win big when it comes to film and not just as it relates to how many projects are being filmed here in Georgia in a given year.

We want film to be a catalyst for other booming industries such as entertainment, technology and fortune 500 businesses.

As the night continued, conversations were littered with phrases such as ‘keeping business local,’ ‘supporting Georgia’s job growth,’ and ‘fighting to put local talent on the forefront of film.’

Other words that filled the air about Georgia were community, friendliness, determination, business growth, local talent, and most importantly South by Southwest – a shindig taking place March 11-20 of this year in which Atlantans will converge on Austin, Texas to show how proud we are to be in Georgia taking advantage of the fantastic film incentives.

Presenters kept it short and sweet and allowed the night to progress with much more networking, food, music and socializing.  Those present were encouraged to Tweet using #chooseATLSXSW.  As the crowds dwindled, each one present left with a personal piece of a larger mission – to

Make Atlanta and Georgia #1 for business, film, entertainment and technology

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Photos by Mel.

For more information about the organizations and events mentioned in this blog article – click links below.


Spitfire Studios

South X Southwest


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