Mel Around the ATL – Andretti’s Indoor Karting and Games Marietta

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ATLANTA – Written by Mel

Hey it’s Mel again.  I’ve been out on my usual urban explorations of metro Atlanta and I discovered a place in my own backyard that I didn’t realize was near me.  If you are visiting Atlanta or have become a permanent resident, this is a fabulously fun place for the whole family.

The building is tucked off on Roswell road on the stretch of road near the Big Chicken.  I pass by here quite frequently but I wasn’t aware that there was an Andretti’s in my neck of the woods.  I walked in and was completely amazed by the bright light and bustling activity in the place.  I went on a Saturday so you know it was full of action.  But for those that don’t like crowds, I assure you that this place wasn’t crowded at all.  It had a good volume of people and wait times seemed to be minimal.

They have bowling alley, lots of freestanding arcade games, skee ball, go karts, several simulated rides and a variety of other stimulating activities.  There are a lot of fun things to do but one of my favorite activities involved exploring the food options.  My, my, my their food is delicious and dessert – what a treat!  I had the salmon entree and the apple and ice cream dessert seen in the images above and let me tell you this was some good eating.  Hands down, that dessert tasted like something straight out of grandma’s kitchen – yum!

One of the rides that I decided to try was the race car simulation game and it was quite intense!  I really felt like I was spinning around in a real car.  Notice I said spinning and not driving because I couldn’t seem to keep control of the make-believe vehicle.

All-in-all I enjoyed myself and I’m sure you will too.  If you are looking for something to do this weekend, then this could be the place for you.   See you again on my next outing!


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