Mel Around the ATL – Movie Night in the Park

ATLANTA – Written by Mel

Hey, its Mel! You all should know by now that I get around – around town that is.  There are a lot of things to do in metro Atlanta if you set your mind to it.  Open your mind and expand your horizons and you will find the fun and excitement that you secretly crave.  If you are new to Georgia, or just plain bored, follow me on this blog and on social media and I will help you find ways to enjoy yourself.

Anyway, one nifty little place that I visited this weekend was Movie Night in the park in Woodstock, Georgia.  This is sponsored by Georgia Movies in the Park and they have been doing free movies on the green for quite a few years now.  The movie they were playing for the evening was Beauty and the Beast.  I admit that I wasn’t there for the movie.  I was enticed by the thought of relaxing in the park and enjoying the fresh air for a change.

In order to make this an enjoyable experience, you have to come equipped with some of your own accessories.  Here are a few of the tools that I brought:

I got this chair for about $6 bucks.

They had fresh popcorn but I can’t live without Doritos.  Bring your favorite snack if you like.

And just in case the weather was too hot, I came equipped with my Fiji water.  You can bring whatever you need to make your own fun and get comfortable.

Downtown Woodstock is a neat little place.  I saw a lot of old-fashioned buildings and even saw the little trolly rolling through the neighborhood.  I’m a historian so little towns like this just thrill me.

The crowd was pleasant and everyone seemed to be having a great time enjoying the beautiful breeze and clear skies.  Toddlers were enjoying walking up to strangers and waving.  Kids were having a joyous time tumbling down the hill. Young adults were enjoying the romance in the air.  All the rest of us were just enjoying the ambiance of the evening, munching on snacks that we brought or those that were offered by the vendor.

Then, nightfall approached and the movie started playing.  This was an extraordinary site to see.

I really enjoyed myself and I think you will too if you get the chance to participate in this family-friendly event.

See you on my next outing!

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Photos courtesy of Mel.


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