Mel Around the ATL – Barber Bistro

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ATLANTA – Written by Mel

Hey, it’s me, Mel!  Yall should know by now how I roll.  I love exploring what’s going on around Atlanta because there always seems to be something new popping up around town that I want to know about or try.

One such place that is new in metro Atlanta is a place called Barber Bistro in Marietta, Georgia.  I visited a few weeks ago with a friend and we got a chance to get in before the crowd started coming in so I had a chance to get some awesome photos of the place.  The ambiance is very nice and I simply love the concept.  Next door to the restaurant is a barber shop and the restaurant is a bistro, hence, the title Barber Bistro.  I heard a rumor that they are expanding to include a spa for the ladies but I’m not certain when this will occur.

I will say that what they are working with right now is cool.  The place is aestetically pleasing and the food was delicious.  I love caribbean food so I opted for the curry and coconut chicken platter seen in the photos above.  They didn’t let me down.  This platter was quite delectable and my friend enjoyed her chicken wing platter also displayed above.

If you are looking for a cool place to chill or pick up a bite to eat for the evening after geting a haircut,  this place just might be a place to add to your bucket list.

See you on my next outing!

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Photos courtesy of Mel.



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